Manipulate to wealth.

The individual wealth creation pursuit is inherent in its basic nature in organised living,to fulfill ones dreams and attain security and comfort could be few drivers,yet the wealth creation and accumulation tasks for individuals are not linear in orientation.

As means to generate and accumulate wealth has no rationals,a individual yet being best performer in his profession cant understand investment and the market that assign value to it are generally beyond comprehensions.

When there is no visible growth ,state exchequer shrouded with liabilities and all development parameters at historic low,but exuberance is abound in various exchanges and market ,the sheer factor that liquidity is coming ,is sufficient to maintain them strong,but without corresponding increase in gross value ,how this printed money is wortwhile and yet not leading to inflation and real growth ,but propelling exchanges.

As if when many regular stable innovative means of generating wealth lacks ,the smarter one find alternate to create avenues for their high returns and prosperity,but surely masses cant understand,participate and succeed in these ventures.

With interest rates turning into negative zone in most part of world ,which caused to reduce the value of saving,in some parts of world as if it is deliberately planned to propel consumption,but individuals cant have comfort of creating wealth for themselves,further in most part of world ,there is hardly any social security system ,only few govt employees have privilege to it and govt in these countries cant even provide basic amenities to live decently cant be expected to provide social security.

Now to enter in stock market or enter in real estate in such peak indexes may erode wealth of individual in near long term,but the operators etc are immune to it ,they can manipulate returns-even index may be falling but they would select their individual stock and play in detriment to genuine investor and manipulate prices both way widely after inducing gullible investors.

Its often rightly emphasized that HNI or retail investor to enter through mutual fund route and selecting SIP or niche plans etc yet large public fail to understand intracacies of these products and wisdom,initiative etc to venture into it timely,further in most world of world work is scarce commodity and individual withou knowing the stream and its current venture into it to become entrepreneurs and free advises are freely available which cause usually harm to them but becomes fodder nourishment for operators/manipulators. 

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