Answers and Solutions.

Answers and solutions have much in common,solutions may have their genesis in answers but at the same time these two may be different and at contrasting ends at different spectrum.
The answers are the explanation of reasons and weighing of logic,it can range between two distant poles,the answer seeks and base its relevance according to times,accepted norms of that time and also has to consider the audience to whom it is to be addressed.
The answer is evoked by the language ,tenor of question,way and words alongwith context in which question is drafted ,even answer gains fragility to individuals who are behind question.
To say answers are many and appropriateness of it in time ,context is that makes it a popular answer,yet some are there who feels that answers should not be soft to please the hearing populace rather it should have potential to address deep rooted malice and would prevail in longer term,therefore answers should properly weigh past and gauge it in context of future and the present has to take tough decision .
Solutions on the other hand is resolution of difference in different perspective and to emerge as path breaking initiative,to dispel the gloom of most gloomy ones ,a long path is to be traversed in right direction and let it blossom to dispel all doom,and its sayer ,  now it becomes relevant to ponder that majority as if only want to seek answers to satisfy them till deep inwardly based on its suitability to them and not concerned about solutions,because it is well said that in long run all are dead who are exploring all this.



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