Changing pattern of leadership.

It is based upon the theme of future leadership,changes are inevitable part of ones life as well to happen in the cultural/societal sphere etc .The changes that happens are as such result of the change in perception of humanity and depicts/portrays the changes/development of humanity over a period of time.The pace of change is not always uniform,in some era it had been at with greater vigor or else and change had been always there and its  impact,directions is judged by posterity.
The future of leadership can be debated/analysed on the basis of ones presumption about the future in technology/society and ultimately development of human being.
In future the human may become too evolved in respect of understanding/motivation etc so that the need to prod and monitor/control to shape one in productive direction may not be much required,further armed with technology and systems,the interaction among employees may reduce and a composite/unique culture of an organisation may be of lesser significance ,rather the strength of systems/processes of an organisation would matter more and strategy  implemented seamlessly will be ensured by future work environment.
Today individual leadership matters a lot as the inefficiencies in marketplace is huge and organisation grows and survive by exploiting them to the detriment of other organisation despite deserving less,but today smart one exploits the gaps ,further the economies and market are today in development stage and variance between different economies/countries is huge.
In future the all economies,countries may come on same footing ,size and scale may become universal,many unskilled business may turn into sort of commodities,where much premiums may not be in hand of future leaders to give,concept of universal organisation may gain real traction,as inefficiencies are eliminated at large horizon resulting in automatic/systematic process oriented process.
Further in many fields the innovation /development in many sphere may reach to its peak,today there are many doubts,if and buts, claims and counter claims, example use of anti biotics,which may  be settled for final and human innovation in future may move in directions of old spirituality in understanding man and it’s universal connection.



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