Domestic Terror.

Peculiar sort of domestic equations have remained prevalent ,changing with generations,different patterns in different cultures etc.
In some parts emphasis was more on brotherly relations ,joint family ,such system might have devised at that time to ensure ones safety and preservation in anarchic world,further armed with social sanctions a sense of security that prevailed and created by such systems to its main administrators and subsidiary advantages to different members.
All in a system of family are not in real sense devoted in it,and only administrator and a group of him enjoy all powers to get/let prevail that rotten beliefs and systems and control all align voices in that sanctioned frame of system.
It is terror for some,as they are silenced of all their freedom and creativity and not let them bloom.
A haphazard group is forced to remain alive and that unleash difficulties for some but as if here hidden/forced sacrifices and in family happening rarely comes to light,each man is so different with another and forced together living entails perpetrators to enjoy the injuries caused by them on dame lamb. 
The developing world has negligible percentage of population employed in organised sector,the percentage in billion plus population countries or else could be as low as ten percentage and all rest are as if self employed or vast population in agriculture/rural based workers etc ,now the vast majority is struck/constrained in that old structure or its a glue to life,the purpose is derived from these traditions and further keeping vigilance on deviant in family or nearby and resolving such aberrations is whole charm.The lack of jobs/development is not issue in all parts of such structures and efficiency/righteousness is not much concern rather than self promotion and sustenance at whatsoever/whomsoever costs.



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