With brexit round the corner and with opinion swinging to embrace any direction ,day by day signs are turning clearer that what was once thought as a heavenly development of globe turning into a village,where all are too close to recognise each other ,and prevailing a unity.
But things have not turning that way ,from what is visible for now,rather it had led to question many assumptions of academicians ,like it was presumed that more a man is educated more liberal one is or one who had lived in modern and open environment may become more understanding,nothing that sort of much is happening and cases are more abound to show that from whom more sanity is expected are faring worse then their conservative counterparts. 
Forming unions to jointly grow and share prosperity has not worked,first of all a lacking structure of cohesiveness,which makes all its part and ingredients become equal participants/partners in the growth,further compulsion of domestic politics and individual leadership styles ,yet noise of certain old dogmas/economic theories in context of society etc.
All are as if not prepared to become fully efficient which is basic demand of globalization,the individual,society concern of effeciency is much different and for many living in a old particular style resonate all efficiency,with such divergent views,no purpose could be established,rather all are using this globalization to further their interest and agenda. 

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