The power and/or money.

There had been different assumption and saying that which things matters more in life and what is the thing after which acquisition much is deemed to be acquired and that state of perennial equanimity is achieved by one so that ones life becomes evergreen without colored spectacles.
Basically it appears that a feeling of being powerful need  to become permanent colleague of one ,that gives one the maximum satisfaction apart from the issue  how much one owns ,a feeling need to be generated about self worth  and about ones authority that runs across much domains and a sense of being superior being that /these all that appears to matter more generally in human life.
The spirits need to be high and being asked by many in virtual/real world that matters more ,being gainfully busy ,which suitably feeds to ones ego matters more and not merely the attachments,time rolls out and it takes along with all living and non living being ,what matters how many scars are left over one in this process,lesser the scars and more jubilance that penetrates deeply into one during movement of clock ,and after achieving a milestone in ones individual journey ,that led to evaluation of thing that mattered most.
Money in itself is big generator of power to one,but when the same used  skillfully,just in possession of big wealth alone can’t generate  that aura around one which eradicate the feeling of desperation , but it could prove to be a easy launching pad and could help in preserving that perceived dominance that would help one gain that power of authority which could please ones inner self and lead to perfect balance and satisfaction of being and living.



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