Normalization process.

The basic theme should be so nourished that periodical setbacks do not disrupt in so way that it is again back to nearly  beginning with a heavy conscious of neglect  ,failure and guilt of repeating phenomenon and hardly able to stabilize learning and prevent catastrophe .
The two neighbours nourished perceived enmity  for long and resort to normalization process again and again ,as the process is disrupted by some unwanted happening usually caused by vested interests to derail the  process .
With repeated attempts to normalize relationships/things gets impacts at its core and it tend to weaken to extent  sometimes that it merely becomes a formality to initiate process again and again.
Therefore it gains relevance that in all setbacks  caused inadvertently or by  deliberate design should not be allowed to disrupt the basic theme of indulgence ,and review system be allowed to bury all brushes caused by jerks.
A basic understanding need to be inculcated and a minimum depth needs to be gained in relations be it international relation or social,individual or organisational relations.
Normalization process is severing of pains,real or imaginary,present or belonging to past,it needs to understand things in present context and it’s future advantages and dividend of peace.

Unless something is not permanently deactivated ,it has natural tendency to revive to any point upto point of revival or slip back into the backwaters,whatsoever be extent of loss in any terms ,one has to cope later or sooner what is to evolve in his front and to continue survival,yet many times while taking again to world with a developed contorted views and thinking helps in satisfying self but usually leads to more bitter experiences.Usually it denotes returning to the earlier point of breakout ,but that point in itself may not be any ideal point ,therefore what normalacy is need to be defined by individual in his understanding with inputs from surrounding social,legal,ethical structures.



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