How element of goodwill impacts Gross Domestic Product.

The intangibles add to   gross domestic product in significant way,primarily physical output of manufacturing and agriculture used to be mainstay of G.D.P in earlier era,but now it consist of very small part and services etc had became major part.

But same services provide at different part of globe has different value and its consequential impact on G.D.P,its the goodwill of institutions,track record of innovation /ruling elite etc that provides value and inflate G.D.P.
It is the faith of world in currency of particular country that gives value to it and as if all/many becomes subservient to it.
Manufacturing,developing infrastructure requires to toil to derive value but services are welcomed and consumed across all parts,its capacity and temerity of a particular country its goodwill that allows/gives value to its services and institutional framework that allow interrupted framework of flow of services and its related ventures.
Its goodwill that may be result of dominance and its guarantee that is relied universally that gives it value,two countries may be manufacturing equally ,one may be spending too less on infra,yet service alone rises to let reach that country to golden heights,that may be magic of intangibles/goodwill,quality education  and standard of life that becomes ideal to other parts,such factors needs to be realised and kept in view,otherwise adverse impact cant be ruled out.
Faith across a landmark that transcend to all parts across globe need to be preserved and spread emulated by other parts so that services across all parts become equally valuable.

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