Gross measurement of economic domestic product /wealth.[Part-5]

With enhancement in productivity and resultant monetary gains and more professionized approach to work and life leads to enhancement of avenue/inclination to entertainment ,life style and education industry.
Education becomes wide and accessible to all with multiple faculties /subjects/specializations available to all ,the cost soars up ,so is financing,basically apart from requirement of skilled teachers ,books,labs,coaching,study tours,hostels,mess,research and development,infra etc.
Further in modern tech advance economies where changes are frequent and fast,education is required to be gained and imparted throughout life /age ,earlier once out of universities meant permanent break-up with formal and informal education ,now one has to learn and upgrade throughout his life ,thereby enhancing potential ,size and worth of education industry.
The teaching methods had undergone changes ,newer methods,vast course contents ,project preparations ,huge interactions ,case studies etc has led to mushrooming number of specialist /expert /counselor  etc.
Fitness/wellness awareness has grown tremendously to compete in fast changing /evolving world ,further seeking separate experiences /changes ,learning experiences ,creating wealth made tourism and travel more affordable and desirable,the world becoming more knitted and connected made necessary to strive hard to understand different cultures /traditions/life styles.Further it increased human exposures and strengthened perception and understanding /evolution ,travel industry has increased economic activity tremendously ,huge investment in hotel,motel ,restaurant ,resort etc enhanced economic activities,further travelling ,tourism is giving fill up to sale of art ,craft ,other expenditure providing gains to various economies and its residents . 
Water park ,casino,amusement park and all sort of fun oriented activities /destinations are being evolved and developed i.e tour operators/guide,art/craft of far flung areas got boost ,old deserted forts got new fascinating lives ,remote island /deserts ,hill stations are now visited by unique travelers ,cruise,exploring sea etc opening up opportunities to resident of these earlier isolated areas to contribute in economic activities .

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