Gross measurement of economic domestic products/wealth.[Part-3]

The first major big change in economic activities occurred with advent of industrial era,the industrial revolution invented various products and facilitated their mass production and innovation/invention become new order of day, it enabled research into identifying basic ingredients in underlying farm produce etc and started identifying chemicals,D.N.A and compositions ,thereby paving way to artificial/synthetic chemicals ,the needs got refined in imaginative way ,mud houses turned into mansions with all amenities and gadgets ,mode of travel changed from earlier carts to invented luxury cars and aircraft  etc.
Hence gradually the products of inventions turned into factors of major economic activity,as agriculture relegated to satisfying primary low economic activity/need.
Further with numerous products and incarnation of consumer as king ,with easy entrance for all to enter into mainstream economic activity led to intense competition  to grasp consumer by way of satisfying them,it resulted in improvement in productivity and inefficient shown door, with great emphasis on newer systems,approach in fields of marketing,management,advertisement,consumer relations etc transformed trading activity,from small localized retail stores to departmental stores to mega malls to on line sales ,trading activity appears facilitating activity ,providing services to ultimate consumer to access product,it consume/generate  wealth in formation of its infrastructure ,further adding some value to products and services under its roof ,providing services through its employees /logistics.
The services sector has gained major share in G.D.P services are leading to enhancement of outputs adding value to products ,organisation,individual.residents.
Doctors,lawyers,hotel,travel,parlous etc ,host of these services add value to individuals,besides software professionals/consultants etc provide services generating value causing increased productivity across large spectra.
Finance ,banking,investment ,insurance etc provide plethora of products and services and facilitate in advancement and growing of businesses ,thereby adding value to individual business units and to whole economy due to linkages of economic activities.

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