Conversational Intelligence.

I do not mean wrong,you do not mean wrong,but sometimes even after journey of decades ,we are not able to identify,appreciate and devise absorbers/speed-breakers that could make picture gleaming with permanent solace and tranquil understanding. 
The issue’s which were there years before,still remains and erupt now also,as if they had yet not settled despite hundreds of cease-fires and joint declaration/pledges of perfect understandings.understanding.
Conversation has many important ingredients,apart from-
2.  Tone
4. Recognizing and realizing others mental/physical state at time of conversation
5.  Due consideration of ones conversational blind spot of self
6.Due consideration of conversational blind spot of others
7.The intelligence required to make the conversation successful and pleasant
8.The undue drawing of meaning in conversation
-It is a framework of knowing which conversation triggers repeated undesired reactions.
-It is a process by which one attempts to recognise ones conversational blind spots ,so that one can keep conversation on track by identifying and correcting what is going wrong in conversation.
-It is a methodology to understand to make/improve conversation success rate by understanding conversational blind spots at all ends. 
One converse with many individuals having different personal,social,official,virtual relationships,the blind spots and intelligence required to tackle individual with different relationship differs-
1.Husband and wife
2.With family members
3.Conversation with friends
4.Conversation with bosses
5.Conversation with sub-ordinates
6.Conversation with colleagues
7.Conversation with social groups
8.Conversation with laymen
9.Conversation with customer and other stakeholders
10.Conversation with govt and other statutory authorities 
11.Conversation with digital media etc
It is to identify why conversation is usually derailed due to matter of style of individuals ,or due to undue expectations from others.
It is to be understood that all individuals have their unique way of behaving ,and no two can have same way of behaving therefore a unique distance and unique proximity associated with one and another need to be understood and given due consideration in conversation to avoid frictions.
The intelligence varies,so is success rate that too vary accordingly but by consistent efforts and by prudent observing and molding/casting accordingly increases ones conversational abilities,which leads to enhancement in personal,family,social and organisational life.

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