Tackling stress in organisation.

 In the present scenario where technology,fierce competition and constant change has become the buzzword of business ,the employees are sometimes drowned in stress while dealing with situation in a bid to perform well.
The environment of stress could be due to both ends in organisation ,at the part of management/H.R people etc and at the part of employees themselves and to create a smooth performing environment efforts need to be made by all.
The poor team and poor working environment add to stress,a team to be recruited/constructed keeping in view the significance /complication/requirement of task,the competent people of positive attitude in a team is primary assets to advance toward success,further mechanism of follow-up ,monitoring ,interaction and discussion/feedback be so matured to create a vibrant culture ,where all stakeholders feel exalted.
It is employee who individually suffers fron stress and therefore need to develop ability to systematically scan environment and to see what is happening around him.
Some employees become so engrossed in self due to their internal setup /pressure etc or some external reason that they are not able to scan environment around them,which is the pre-requisite for employees to understand and see what is happening around him besides understanding his own task .It is to understand the prevailing culture and to understand the work ethics of organisation ,the authority flow in organisation and to assess other colleagues/employees ,so as to develop an individual strategy to behave in most appropriate way suited to work environment of organisation to reduce his individual stress.
To reduce stress employees need to behave consistently and should resist from blame game as well as occasionally going public with own private thoughts ,which may not be based on entire facts /circumstances ,giving opportunity to your colleagues to highlight same before higher authorities and causing and strengthening your isolation.
Some employees in the endeavor to be favorite of all,speak in cohesively here and there and when boss changes or circumstances changes feel stressed to get liking .It is important for one to survive successfully before new boss,because many times a new boss wish to identify employees close to earlier boss to select and find his new team and the earlier tactics which were absorbed by earlier boss may not be liked by new boss,thereby understanding change in fundamental nature,style and gain entry ,access to new dispensation easily without stress.  

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