Outer and inner personality.

The man mainly responds to circumstances to preserve oneself,prevail oneself,the battle of each day is fought with determination for self preserving and avoiding disturbances ,so at night can sleep with natural instinct.

The wake-up at morning is desired to be as usual as always ,a newer strange anxiety is not cherished,
The average man reacts to circumstances with yearning to remain at track on his path of satisfactory existence.
There is usually gap in ones basic inner personality and  personality projected outside,its after experience and seeing surrounding culture and ethics ,one shapes or mold outer personality,despite being uncomfortable in it and may also arises clashes in self if  balance not achieved.
The gap needs to be naturally aligned so that one try to align his basic personality perfectly to face real challenges,and not subjected to feeling of uncertain existence.
In an organisation  task assigned may not suit to inner personality,if an employee given marketing job ,where he is required to liason,travel,interact extensively,build relations and trust/faith,but at core he may be wishing table job etc ,in such circumstances ,he is required to project differently to become successful at new assignments,the clash arises but it is not like that one may develop dual personality,it’s like striving hard to gope with present challenges and at heart can have many other passions also.
Impulses of moments plays/impact differently to different people,for some that particular moment gain so much inducement that all other aspects are lost,where as some may take time to decide final line of action with considerations.
Some men find themselves too weak,but to face world that surrounds one,a hard posture with grit need to be projected.
The gap if understood and alignment is attempted many times then things may remain some what better,but when one is not able to distinguish between real self,projected self and imaginary self than balancing and moderating,monitoring becomes difficult causing rift to widen .
The gap is always there,even what one think and yearn for it ,is sometimes not expressed in most perfect way,causing different interpretations,further to understand what is inner foundation is difficult,as man could be so swayed in moments that all rest is lost in it,when the real self may be hidden behind so many curtains that its real shape is not even known to one also,then for majority it may not be a conscious choice  ,what is in and what is projected outside is just matter of co-incidents and chance.
Inner patterns are not certain ,outer patterns are also not certain but they have to manifest in society,then it may become need based.


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