The very moment of intangible eventualities..

The days and night,

moves devoid of much consequences,
without significance,
barren regularity,
a routine going on,
intangible eventualities,
the very moment of change,
from the eloping night,
to sleepy morning,
generates anguish,
albeit strange,
for the coming,
pleasant opening,
in which the ordinary,
looks extra-or,
the dew embraces,
the grass,
it turns greener,
shines with the pearl.,
drum beats with silence ,
of tranquility,
one wonder,
so grand opening,
yet no visible impact,
on the rambling,
rumbling in the self,
the obscured mirror knows,
no silence/comforting,
it doesn’t evaporate,
darken its grip,
the passing days and night,
impacts little,
yet there is some one,
who is puzzled,
seeing the trap,
wondering the way out,
it needs to act,
fix the portrait,
of pearled dew,
that comes to celebrate,
the opening of a ,
new beginning. 

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