What means leadership in organisation.

The organisation is run by managers and a country is run by leaders,It is essential that managers may have the leadership qualities to motivate and enthuse his team to get best result,to report extraordinary growth ,and if harsh times are there than to maintain survival and face it so nicely that any upturn could be en cashed .
The qualities of management and leadership are different,and each employee possess them ,however some may have more leadership qualities or vice-verse.
The task of manager is defined as to manage and the task of leader is said to lead,one who can manage also lead and one who can lead may some time not be good to manage.
The organisation is to be run by managers,broader direction and vision comes from top and now a days from data analysis added by artificial intelligence,however the human resource department of organisation need to identify evaluate such traits in employees for their postings and optimum utilization.In the marketing field employee with leadership qualities are more required,to get brand equity among completion and to inspire sales force are critical tasks. 
In organisation the manager has also to play role of leader as their job require,you cant introduce freelancer leaders in organisation with giving mandate to lead without back up managing and adherence of culture,rules,procedure of organisation.
The organisation is to be managed and at same time led for higher growth and to face all sort of environment ,which prevails around time to time.
Now technology has enabled all ,and now no more earlier times individual hero are required,the data analysis has further added to comfort and help ,it could trek employee,customer and much more,hence here manager acumen of analyzing them and introducing correcting action in strategy immediately are of vital significance.


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