A story of tiny orphan girl HOSPICE.

Raje was watching the splendid cool morning from  broken window ,felt that all solace lies in these moments ,cool breeze coming in,the stink at its minimum ,the draconian chaplain at their best posture roaming ,before on their job of taking charge of deity/day after the usual ritual.Children /older relaxing ,the new habitat of short span intently and expectantly gazing at the decrepit structure that is now the permanent habitat of strange creature like Raje,who now no more belongs to present world and yet they had been unable to depart so far.

The moment struck to Raje when she was forcibly forced to evacuate the hamlet by her in laws,after the disappearance of her husband branding her as evil spirit ,who brought all the evil luck and further sustaining her may cause more harm to the hamlet,for them her existence was never relished and now they want to bury the bad luck by expelling her to hell.
Raje was finding unable to cope with the development ,she had barely enjoyed her childhood in her father house at nearby hamlet,
a green surrounding ,lush paddy farm,where her father worked as a labor in zamindars land,oblivious of all the surrounding and reality she lived in her palace of pleasure ,neglecting the abuses of parents and surrounding ,she was immersed in playing,enjoying with a small group of her friends,the demands were zero and nothing was expected from anyone/anything,neglecting all the floating smoke spilled with the aroma of incompassion and resultant game of pulling one another by abuses or force,as become feasible at the lust of the moment and upon the extent of power that one enjoy over other.
The games were pretty simple ,the marriage of their tottered doll ,the function and events performing it used to excite participant.,the world of wild dreams,where no glittering in material term was seen yet the events were visualised in perfect stillness of enjoyment,with no displeasing elements present derail anything that lead to perfect pleasure unlike the real world,after all the fantasy of childhood could only be zoomed on the surrounding seen minus distraction and with all the imagination and stories read.
The real world distraction were as normal,the exploitation of landlord,the vagaries of weather ,the caste pull and pressure and the cheap stingy means /astrologers etc that tend to offer tiny help to sufferer,which after a lag turns into major drag.
The systems and customs as if does not consider the game  of doll marriage to be played by the children,but it makes the real pairs of children having no understanding ,just to hurry up to be absolved of all their responsibility ,thereby hiding their incompetence to raise them,which was sanctified by the old age customs,as if forcing the immature saplings into the soil knowing well that few may grow and fewer in proper way,but the economies were worked out in these manners,glorified /patronized by the landlords/money lenders so that threir business goes on smoothly.
Raje heard the murmuring ,and was so surprised that the game played by them could be so near to turn into reality ,she wondered that man are being treated as animals by other man on power of divine sanction which was accepted as normal,she got this much vision to visualize that what one can give more than what one receive in the system well established ,as if the children faced fate of depravity and all victimization as routine and yet relish some moments as being childish nature that child cant remain for too long in despair.
Raje reverie was broken by her room mate Shanti shouting that they were being late ,as they had to proceed for their daily chore of cleaning the compound of his majesty,Raje returned to present and they proceeded to the complex of mighty temples ,the main seat  of deity was looked after by chief chaplain ,who opened the door in the morning with the sound of bursting coconuts ,bell,shells and verses ,so as to get awaken him as gently as feasible with all auspicious metaphor ,and all the duties to him were performed perfectly so that the blessing remained with them and same could be distributed to other devotees ,who were assembling outside with their auspicious offerings. 
The place next to the seat of deity was looked after by Dy chaplain ,where in the morning the guests from foreign countries may assemble to chant  the verses amid scented surrounding with divine blessing.AND  the courtyard of the complex was supposed to be cleansed by the Raje sort of orphaned widows ,who had no other place to go and find their sustenance and also find chance to gains the points that could be encashed in next life and reduce the burden of earlier births sin.
 Raje and Shanti started to broom the courtyard ,they were overwhelmed by the sight of divine chaplain and devotees ,soon the courtyard was cleansed,thereafter they sat in the row among other unprivileged in the daily ritual of collecting some favor. 
The verses along with slogan begin ed chanted ,and Raje also immersed in the devotional atmosphere ,feeling herself to be the most favorable disciple and cherishing sacred presence  ,though ephemeral but beyond the earthy affairs,Raje reckons that worshipping with devotion may make him favorable with the return of favor in the force of peace and tranquility ,all is kept in his name and he responds as nothing else left ,no family ,no old neighbours/friends/relatives ,at that moment Raje felt great that she is relieved of the earthy responsibilities and now she is solely left with the task of pleasing her lord,from where the bliss and bliss comes in return. 

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