To be chronically impulsive is a trait ..

There are many traits of one,which are nurtured over time,by guidance of the will or by the guidance of the event’s faced  on the volatile internal turf.
If one is swayed in again and again in small impulsive,a state of alarm appears there,being too sensitive is not a ideal stage,the small issues which are of no significance if has the potential to encircle one in the deep trenches of emotions and torn the whole mood is something not even.
For a simple example-one without much reason humiliated one in presence of some,now it is pure wickedness of one,but if undue impact is taken by the recipient in the form of extreme mood swing,causing the total thought process of rationality and totally immersed  in guilt ,nothing  appeals,the things which usually appears to be appealing also lose the appeal,and then after couple of days some rational thoughts slightly starts appearing shakily ,that too are settled after couple of days are again gone near the spot.  
That’s not the ideal way at all,there is no justification of giving undue weight age to irrelevant things ,further why should one always tend to bother about consequences unduly the all things have consequence,man move,ride,talk everything need not be analysed in terms of meaning,
the consequences are not to be provoked out of their slumbers,otherwise they may show their myth.
To be impulsed with every nuisance is to be avoided,by being prone to it ,one may again and again resort to mentors,who may again bring to blank zero,
one has to take the care by self,who else can help,and losing the composure frequently and generate chaos usually ,is of no avail.

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