Training intervention-achieving effective performance.

The purpose of the training program is to a large extent is to achieve effective performance-  1.Either the present level of performance requires up gradation.
2.The performance is to made relevant to present scenario/objectives of the organisation.
what should- minus-what is.
The problem of performance becomes significant when the performance is below prescribed level in stated condition.
I.P.P-identification of performance problem
A.P.P-analysis of performance problem
I.T.N-identification of training need
First of all it is essential to make effort to define standard performance in a given environment of market/company related to various jobs/task of the organisation. 
a.comparison with similarly placed organisation.
b.comparison with one’s own past performance.
c.comparison with industry standard 
d.bench marking study.
The factors causing the performance problem need to be identified,so that the appropriate thrust could be given to address them in the training,the training program/intervention need to be designed while keeping the identified factirs in mind and with the discussion with the management and sample group of proposed participants.
The thrust should be one understanding the real issues so that the results are visible,undue fixing of harsh norms may not help,the flexibility in performance is to be given /encouraged to the employees.
The performance problem may had resulted due to the lack of understanding of the basic concepts behind the company plans /strategies  and execution policies.
The gap that exists need to be looked and the factors that might be causing them need to be thoroughly understood by trainer by spending some time in the organisation to get the first hand information.
The concept/identification of standard performance is quite difficult,generally the factors are not same at various levels,and the slight below performance may not be solely due to factors at the hand of employee ,in this context it is equally required to analyse the suitabilty of posting/jobs assigned to employees,further the grouping of activities assigned to the employees need to be analysed to make it more cohesive,and the training could be designed while keeping the all aspect that impacts the performance of employees.


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