Brand Building

A brand is the Sum Total of Consumer experience and Perception.

Brand = Consumer Experience + Perception

A strong brand is the core for winning consumers and therefore, it is essential to spend time and investment in research to define and build the brand

The brand in fact is a promise based on its goodwill, it is the fundamental piece of communication and therefore it is of utmost importance to place a lot of emphasis on building the brand.

First of all, it needs to be decided what the brand aims to convey to the core target group, to the fence sitter and to the public at the large. The message need not be confined to a class, classes are interchangeable. Even the public who may not be in the target views the promotions and they should view the brand with awe. A status, a celebrity need to be associated with it ,that should be in the mind of average people and then it could be termed as the success in the attempts to build the brand.

The perception about particular product is based upon the experience ,the effectiveness of its promotion campaign,the mouth to mouth publicity by its core loyal consumers,the success stories are to be stored,the experiences are to be crystallized,the experiences of consumers should be fanned so that they can become the part of brand messages prevalent in masses.

Research plays an important role in identifying the domain where the brand is to be placed and to learn from the competitors mistakes,it is necessary to identify the segment,the growth rate visualized for the segment,and how the brand can attempt to woo the consumer,to make them propelled to join the league.
The pricing is not the sole criteria determining the segment,the usefulness,the aura that associate with it,the technical superiority that makes the price more competitive despite being on the higher side. 

In the longer run the element of promise in the brands becomes more significant ,it carries a goodwill,reliability,further in the longer run the established brand provides much more mean for communicating with the consumer so that the brand remains relevant and it lends a helping hand to other brands of the company,and to develop a relationship of mutual understanding becomes more useful.
The brand is build by perseverance ,the quality of product,its packaging,its coloring,pricinf,the message that is conveyed with the advertisement.

The great brand comes down to the doorstep of consumers to seldom meet them directly and be part of their usual life and share some other issues of associates in the process,the brand organised fairs,campaign and launch various other welfare/motivational schemes,the brand sponsors sport events,festival function,learning programmed,participate in programme/issues that are relevant and ails the company.

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