Pillars of A Brand – 2

The brand hovers in the mind of the consumers as a pleasing and comforting existence. It is based upon strong foundation of strategy and its execution,the salient features of the strategy are the pillars holding the brand.

The brand commands the premium in the price,over generic or similar product, and is backed by consistent research and the assurance of service,quality and the value to possess it.
A brand is a goodwill that a product of the organisation command in the market,it is aligned to the market requirement and a assurance to consumer.

THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT IN SHAPING THE BRAND ARE THE MARKETING STRATEGIES that are implemented to promote the brand and their efficient execution,the quality of people associated in marketing,their commitment,vision and values,integrity shapes the brand. Each employee of the organisation represent the brand,its not only the marketing on print,social media etc but the behavior of its employees and the culture of the organisation and the image of the company in meeting the expectation of employees, shareholders,consumers and society that shapes the perception of the organisation in the mind of the public ,which also has significant impact in the brand building.

The brand is the bundle of commitments, hope, pride, service, value etc associated with it which can not sustain properly if some of the pillars are weak. The foundation may be strong,but each of the pillar requires adequate strength, consistent innovation in its packaging, product content, distribution, advertisements to get the attention of the consumers.

The life span of brand in the present atmosphere is more haunted by consistent adaptation ,the technology is changing fast and competitors are introducing latest products. Therefore either the brand may preempt by introducing the newer product at regular intervals and have a open watch on the newer product coming in market and evaluate them thoroughly with company product and convey to the public about their strength and avoid swaying consumers from the brand.

The appeal that is created by the advertisement and sales promotion are carefully nurtured ,the segment to which it is appealing,the strategy of competitor is to kept in mind,further the distribution network and the service team must be quite aligned to the strategy,the all team as a whole is tuned to achieve the proper results. 

The brand is an abstract entity but behind it lies man, machine, money and team .

All the above elements are pillars of the brand ,the balancing of all the pillars is essential to give a cohesive and consistent picture to public.
The vital thing is understand the market and its consumer,in the global perspective ,the different strategies are needed to hold a brand in different markets,the financial strength alone cant build /help build and sustain the brand,the tangible gains are needed ,merely no organisation can go on infusing the money in it,the commitment,the planning,the understanding of different markets and the team all are important pillar in maintaining and sustaining the brand.

The market usually have number of products ,therefore to distinguish one product and the strategy to stick by it so that it appear real is of too much importance,a core theme,a core strength,a vision and its most intelligence task to distinguish ones product from the competitor,its the strength of the brand that is generated and the response and patronage of customar is gained and the brands become the lifeline of the company.

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