Impediments to Inclusion – 2

The basic preamble of the environment of inclusiveness essentially require that all segments participate in the process. A vision, a new vision has to be endeared among all segments that education, sanitation, birth control, mortality rates and nutrition are the primary requirement of all civilization. Where people live their lives for just 2-3 functions which has to be met by them and the festive times come few times in the year  when one participates in some functions organised by his community members.

Its very unique that where some pockets of populace have attained wealth due to their natural resources etc yet it becomes the same story either in the deprivity or in the affluence. Some new books or some iconic symbols of modernity are visible in their homes yet all other segments are where they always were, despite wealth they remain as confined and as closed as they were in the caves. What sort of inclusiveness is that, they should come forward to adopt their poor cousin in other parts of their booty. Inclusiveness is not only attaining wealth but  also becoming inclusive to the rest of humanity on the globe.

Where the masses have attained the inclusiveness by getting much means of need to make their life comfortable by the modern standard ,they need to become inclusive with the other parts of globe in the thoughts ,the issues, the concerns which are there for all and nobody is isolated /insulated from it.

The universe is yet expanding ,the earth is constantly on move, the clocks are ticking continuously ,the need for many answers  ,the need to get out from inertia, to free the larger populace to participate in productive work ,to come forward to help the other societies to attain the civilized foundations to include them in the new dream of technological/educational process and always to allow them to participate in modern games and get the chance to shed the past to explore the new.

Humans are not tied to a particular state/place for a life ,the natural tendency of human to explore ,enjoy to grow ,it need to be looked upon and providing a enabling environment of it as the task of inclusive planning .

God left human in jungle to face  wild animals, to face the brute nature ,the tide of hunger ,the drought,flood and other calamities ,the human formed some inclusive clusters to face the challenges and to established their dominance in the nature. The means of communications ,the mode of transport were primitive at that time and it was simply not feasible to form bigger networks ,where more inclusive strategies could be devised ,the survival always had the question mark and it was the only concern for which the inclusiveness were planned.
Humans gradually established their supremacy after facing many devastation of their earlier civilization with gradually being acquainted to use fire,wheel,cloth,agriculture,shelter etcthe primary growth with the help of some understanding and some connectivity developed some resonance of some stability for the mankind but the other demon emerged which are pervasive as always that the developing of some lords /elite class which sold the concept that they are dominant and others are just at their whims ,they acquired/controlled the wealth and formed the muscle power to frighten any resistence ,the questions were not welcomed ,the questions were fixed in the name of binding force ,a set pattern was fixed and a set pattern has a set pattern of allurement which attracts again and again untill not alienated for 2-3 generations.

When all are not uplifted and the old pockets adhere the old inclusiveness than hardly much growth parameter becomes real and the frequent chaos and inherent danger of derailing all advancements become real ,the forces bent upon not allowing the inclusive sort of concept wants that the populace becomes inclusive to their cause ,the human history has evolved through much chaos and fights with huge suffering over a long period of time and many times the all advancements were lost and the human has again reached to square one ,such a disaster could not be afforded by modern society.

The human creation of fiscal power is of the core significance in the path of inclusiveness ,it is to be used in the most prudent way to serve the goals for the humanity for sustained enrichment.

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