Impediments to Inclusion – 1

Inclusion has both tangible and intangible dimensions, all the concerned people should feel that have stake in the dis-pension  and that all are collaboratively participating in the effort to maximise the gains to the society and faith in their percolation to every nook and corner of the society.
When the individual is involved in the efforts to build the cake, the gains in terms of productivity are immense .Each individuals  productivity is enhanced as the understanding is clear to all the concerns that its the growth in real output that will ultimately matters.

The tangible benefits are quite visible as the inclusive govt collects more taxes and revenue and with the help of public /private sector it infuses money in infrastructure development which is visible to all ,further the welfare measures and schemes for the lesser developed segments of the society ,disabled,older people etc are launched to mitigate the feeling of their depravity. 

The state needs to effectively plan and use the natural resources ,human resources and capital to break the deadlock and to get the real tangible benefits for its members ,the system needs transparency ,the vision needs clear ,the goal and objective needs to be clearly defined.
 The half hearted efforts just to gain popularity are of no use,further when the basic infrastructure of human,and physical structure lacks ,it hardly makes much sense ,further when the accountability and judiciary factors are at their nadir than it may become a effort to just allow to perpetuate what has been going so far.

The policy framework,the law and order ,the judiciary etc are largely guided by the state ,until a enabling environment is not created the tangible gains could hardly be dreamed ,only crowd pulling ,where the masses are hardly on any productive task  is no achievement that too to arose their laughter ,convincing them to believe that some particular elite class is responsible for their plight.

Until the basic issues are not addressed in entirety by the persons holding stakes in public office and the sound rationale do not prevail /inclusiveness could hardly be visible.

The masses need not be given opium ,neither they should be made to believe to worship their rulers always and never to criticize them at all, the rulers sometimes make the public to worship them in association with other segment ,that’s the way it is made to penetrate deep in the masses that its been your destiny and get all their joy/excitement in the fancy tales of their angels.

The above inclusiveness become inclusive in the sense that all masses unitedly worship their saviour and get the permanent mental set up to make all the sacrifices as called from them and to feel elated  at the pity they get and feel the sacred/divine blessing in their state and never take it as the suffering ,it has been there since ancient times ,yet there and always it will be so ,therefore no cause to think otherwise and who dares to do is termed as rebel to be set right.

When the wealth of the masses ,the hard work of masses is always been termed as the sole prerogative of the few and that too was in the hand of the few for their enjoyment building palaces etc,if the mentality has not changed as the select class faces has changed ,it becomes the inclusiveness of a sort of a cult.
The mythological stories has been prevalent since long that some heros could fly and the stories of heaven and the pleasures available there,when the modern inventors are just considered as the mythologies coming true for a select unquestionable class ,the masses hardly expects the continous power supply ,basic infrastructure etc and is feeling is destined to the journey on the back of horses which takes many days in covering few K.M ,the inclusiveness in the inclusive backwardness of centuries ,the vicious cycle need to be shackled ,but its a hardly said than done.

The compounding of things is allowed and just creating few symbols here and there of the excellence hardly serves the purpose and it becomes the business of the shrewd one to encash on it ,sell the masses what they had been witnessing long and nobody questions about any commitments or its fate.


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