They were so entagled

They were so entangled ,
that they could not look at their feet,
it’s after an era,
that it s struck ,
what has been lost,
what has been gained,
a roller coaster ride in the whirlpool,
with bout of dips,
with long tunnel of darkness,
appears to last in it,
no end in sight,
the boiling senses,
the melting tranquility,
the stirred pot of waste,
producing more of it,
 again and again,
and its in the dumps,
the fate as if lied there,
the hope as a sporadic rains,
occurs after a prolonged,
spell of humid surrounding,
the going back,
the coming again,
where one was always at,
the state of perfection,
of glamour of gloom,
the dust never settled,
it merely kept zooming,
enjoying the recurrence,
to graced the surrounding.

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