Understanding Fear

The known/unknown fear has to be feared ,as in many cases it permeates deep into the unconscious world and it echos/resonate in such subtle way that cause one to be the victim of a feeling /emotion/unreality called fear.
the individual feels self so limited and feels that one is in a trap and behind the four walls of insecurity,guilt,and could not see the unlimited sky /space/dimension/eternity/.,

The space as if is always evolving and the search is always going on,the one who enters to play a game ,has to learn game from start.afresh and the older player cant simply transfer the same /the abilities to play game ideally into one by a whiff.

Its the individual who has to learn to play the game ,by developing the spirit of game,much of the past player and ideal rules are not that relevant ,because one has to play with the aim of playing,much without the concerns of winning or losing .

The cowards hide their fears and tries to spread it to the farthest frontiers, so that they may find their  fear smaller comparatively. 

The fear feeling is the most heinous behavior on the part of one,and the systems may be whatsoever prevalent the fear is not the product of any system,its the symbol of internal weakness ,the accumulation of the elements of pleasure does not merely comes from passive yearning ,its the automatic crop on the fearless ground.

The moment is faced with some inbuilt resilience /unusual courage ,but after that moment gradually a streak of  piece meal sabotage starts infiltrating into the ones domain of space,that add to the process of constant state of no command of self and acting on the wishes of unknown forces ,the reflection of self is drowned into the deep wells morass,where the things loses its light ,and the state starts turning ghastly into dilapidated one.

Experiences are to be gained ,the one who want to wander to search more relevance and substance need to enjoy the deepest moment of fears ,its always after the dark that the new dawn emerges,the worst is only ones wild dreams of no relevance ,its the calm ,and the atmosphere ,where no other distractions are allowed to enter,

One is what one perceive one is ,its not the others who give one the meaning and define him.one is not definable and if the problems are the part of game ,the solutions are more so part of game.

When whatever next is going to happen is in the direction of fulfillment  ,and one is the basic product of tranquility and comfort,what the need to one to invoke those perverse forces of distractions,who has only into being due to the duality .

The fear that emerges after committing something which may be somewhat debatable,that makes no cause of fear and the others evaluating you in this way or that way has no meaning,the human tries many path during his search to gain a stable path,yet the stable path is very near to one,but sometime the long journey is to be undertaken to reach it,the experiments are ones fundamental rights to reach to the conclusion that one has nothing to fear.

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