Ether and Intemperate

The string of life on earth lies in the hand of the elements permeated in the region above the cloud.Labels
The region above the cloud appear so real ,so near,so clear but it extend upto the range of limited/unlimited sky ,to view it from distance reveals much and hide more.

The elements of Ether may be real but appear unreal. One tends to imagine it and the reality is visible that the Sun rises in the morning and gives the continuity to the life ,but the more subtle particle floating downwards from the sky to the Earth ,not harmonious and its sometime like intemperate ,volatile and their impact is uneven .

Ether is always believed to be calm ,stable and all fulfilling and the ever present and ultimately final ,the extreme elixir but yet its all perception ,few had experienced it while living on earth.

To be intemperate is the very basic nature of human ,its-its basic virtue -that’s why called human.

The human has to face various circle’s simultaneously,to balance all circle’s and then interact with external with full awareness is required to avoid much intemperance -but its hard path or may be only theoretical to achieve.
Usually the human is so occupied internally with real or imaginary issues and their intrapolation and extrapolation that the Ether from inner mind evaporates and all the devil factors occupies ones inner space and push one to experiment all foolish/risky sort of adventures.  

If the thoughts are to be tempered then innovations may be stifled ,but the inner song of fear ,mistrust ,dissidence could/should be avoided br the Ether factor available in the surrounding ,it ,as if does not exists in the atmosphere outside ,nor permeates anywhere and as if ,its to be generated by inner one to avoid spreading the fire of discomfort all around.   

Had one been temperate, the G D P  growth had slowed ,the war and the crisis might have reduced ,but without destruction the construction cannot boom ,earlier the change were slow ,things remained stagnant sometime for so long time that nature has to act by causing mass destruction but now the change is too fast and to sustain it ,as if requiring frequent destruction.

Ether is a temporary phase or some time illusory ,sometime sporadic occurring  thing.
the celestial being are celestial ,but the celestial may or may not be ethereal and one swing sometimes within the extreme range of ethereal and intemperate and it become’s sometime merged to emerge a new entity ,which may have ethereal factor on the earthy base and may not totally be on the base of heavenly ground.

To be temperate may not be the Earthy virtue ,when one ponder on the question as to why -one has emerged on the ground ,either to gain scores for entering the heaven or to live by the natural way envisioned by the nature.
A Human has some very basic real need in which the ethereal factor has nothing much to do ,further the human has only temporal existence and consume’s much of his time in gaining the youth and the knowledge /vision and often frustrated by visible and invisible forces tp make mere survival a big goal.

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