Capability Gap

For a nation, organisation or society ,the biggest cause of concern should be to avoid the capability gap and keep on investing and nurturing the capabilities.

The technology,the vision are also part of inherent capability, but more so the executing leadership and the really capable people ,who could analyse the things and are present to stymie all the aberration that could later turn into big setbacks,are pf much more relevance.
the aspiration are there. In some people it is more pronounced and in some people it just arise on their surface of being casually but the main concern that impact is the gap that allows the capabilities to developed and recognized.
the change is the part of life,the all things have their life spans,the individual,the organisation and the social structures ,all have their life spans,that’s the eventuality but no body knows the exact spans while in currency ,and its the capabilities that allows the to stretch the life span and allow to maintain healthy presence .
today a society may be having a large pool of resources,huge technological advantage,but to face the future with as precision as was done earlier ,needs to nourish various capabilities,its more important to have the capable people with capable mindset ,who could uproot a trouble before it goes out of hand and does not allow the morale to dwindle in sundry events.
the freedoms are part of human life,yet the society needs various capabilities to sustain and ultimately human freedom also much depends on it.human and societies are linked ,therefore the capabilities the society require to maintain and progress itself are to be delievered by humans,therefore the capable society needs to remind its citizen to have varios type of capabilities present,so that all challenges could be faced.

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