History is written by winners

Societies and nations have so far sought novel acknowledgement from history, either by re enforcing it, or by analyzing it and then claiming to remove all those hurdles/obstacles that have caused its derailment and precluded the present societies from achieving the ideal/perfect state.

The element /theory of cleansing the errors/distractions again gives rise to newer sort of crisis and tends to create newer obscure histories, where the past is reclaimed to bury the future/present.

The distraction of past which has led to deviation from the ideal state ,where earlier it was heading and the desire to put the things again on track, creates/makes the suffering of past by some justified and more suffering needed to promulgate becomes justified to shape the present/future.

Some leaders bring out the ancient hero out of closet  to reclaim legacy treating/terming it as their vision ,which will be endorsed by the present citizens and condemns the other leaders who live by past,nobody can hardly claim that he has brought the most pure past leader out of closet and rest has brought out the demons from the past.such harmless memory games can flare up old animosities, the new order need to be based upon invented universal laws so that unequal people could become equal citizens but by giving the touch of past the magic may wane. The near order should negotiate the future with possibilities that the rear view mirror can never catch.the histories of real people with real flaws can be much orderly analysed to devise perfect future order and the technological innovations.

Countries are formed by defining boundaries,now they need to define themselves as places where law protects the victims and punish its perpetrators and the citizens needs to identify with its universal ideology of progressiveness and equality and not with any past.

Future building is not past oriented, human has vast knowledge and tools available today to define what is really just,and the wall anomalies, distrust etc stands nowhere ,the human should be made accountable to human liberties,freedom and to contribute toward self and the society  uplifting  within the confine of universal laws. 

The stains of memory which are individualized in nature and/or transmitted to the wider spectrum of humanity no longer has much relevance, what is gone is gone and whats coming next is more important ,which should have such imaginary stains.

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