One day it struck me and I wondered why not earlier

Some moment of enlightenment arrives at some ministerial time about the particular matter,that makes one to look back and pondered ,why one has wasted /not understood the matter in this light,which makes its appearance more stark and real,as if beyond which no doubt exists.

One day it struck me ,that the efforts made for decades to understand ones view of point ,and change the outlook/attitude was wasteful and better one has learnt to tolerate that so called rashness, particular attitude,that might have been much better for ones health of both frontier.
I  was too concerned about the environment/ surrounding and sensitive to the real troubles around,but one day it struck that the concerns were useless,and all will be solved one day at its own speed, may be in ones life time or not. the population expanding in some countries exponentially,but one day it will stabilize and start declining,this is the eventuality,time frame is not known. 
The great scientists have long predicted that the fittest will survive and one day all fits will be there to survive.

One fine day it struck to one that he is not alone ,who has suffered so much,its masses who had fate like this or worse than it.and its upon the ones attitude to engulf in it ,to what extent.
one fine day it struck to one that the experiences which one has considered too personal ,that many has gone under those moments,and the much has been common,the uniqueness is hardly there,yet the degree of sincerity may be different.

One started after getting some finer realization,become prudent and started to feel that one day will also come when the borders will start melting and things may become totally different,the road may not be easy and too lengthy but when one hears that human existed on earth for million of years and reached to this stage,then some thousand/hundreds  of years further does not matters. 
That one day ones relevance be changed and the means will alter which now provide comfort,and the earlier means of comfort appears less significant.

One feels that what was not known earlier ,what was not written earlier,yet again and again the same things is being reproduced in modified manner by another man to same or different audience.

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