Making Enemies.

Some one said that even one has someone to hate,or be hated by someone,rather then an secluded existences,.
its more about understanding  how to avoid the sarcasm and the odd look /attitude of others so as that the other one do not mesmerise you as his one of the favoritist thinking a point  and storing the evil feeling.
To make enemy and survive among them without got much hurted needs a status/capability/attitude/network etc.
the world has its existence from the strange invisible matters and concern,thats why many times one could hardly understand the hostility of others,may be that one is less communicative ,which lead to misunderstanding or the fulfillment of others ego.  
the circle changes and the one which we consider insignificant become able to cast his shadow,which multiplied by other bad factors prevailing at that time could result in multiple troubles.
it is a point of debate whether good looking person have more envies or what are the factors that attract enmity despite not much willingness.
the person in power and the one who has to make important decision is bound to have genuine enemies,as one cant please all,
in ordinary course ,for ordinary people the factors that invite enmity could be-1.being outspokenness 2. not knowing the application of hypocrisy 3. short temperament   4. appearing more happy and content 5. not mixing with others  6. not joining groups.
the smooth life is the desire of all ordinary individuals ,but the small reactions and being practical,not understanding the circumstances etc lead to the other having a grouse for one.
ordinary men apart from national heros need to discuss and share opinion in grous/organisation/society about others and here the vested interest is mixed of some members to let propagate and perpetualize the notion about one in that form ,which appears to serving self interest.
one need to be involve in many layers and patterns of group ,despite ones reservation to avoid the trouble and grasping the general/overall view in better ways.
some of the men are surviving on the role of inflaming the age old enmity,or illusory enmity for their own survival,so that all failure of one could be passed on that perceived enemy and all actions/disactions becomes justified.
if the one feels that passing of much age ,one is not able to project the proper real image of self,as silence,virtues etc are not recognised and the title of weakness spread across,which to one has no roots,but the important point here is how far one can worry for others at the cost .only the serious matters need action/attention,rest is to enjoy and let the other enjoy.


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