Generalized Method Of Moment

the market movement is not predictable accurately on any standard model,it is always unpredictable,the reaction may sometimes be too much and sustain for longer period’s and at the other end the market may ignore all negative for far more longer time ,then one assume.
the moments could be fairly large enough to allow one to remain solvent,the excessive speculation/animal spirit can defy much of the logic,as more and more person observe the movement,the outcome is impacted ,as if some living particle floats to defy the all senses.
the euphoria built last long,the bubbles are created ,and when the vacuum occurs ,the growth engine turn sluggish ,the savior /the rock/the anchor starts stuttering and no other one is capable to fill the place,the doom does not turn out into the doom,as the values are difficult to emulate by others. 
the value of asste called goodwill is intangible,and this intangible asset allow the holder to remain solvent and avoid the downgrades ,and further the cascading impact is also there,as the environment deteriorates,the other segment ‘s intangible assets starts turning into negative. 
the country issued currency and the gross domestic product of that country is weighed to arrive the face value of its currency and measured with this formula to other countries.
but the gross domestic product also have a intangible component,like goodwill,that is the SERVICE SECTOR ,the real economy shoud be the base,but the virtual economy of sort,the services could be stretched larger and larger ,and also in proportion to the population,the central bank is printing money and with this money the hotels and means of entertainment are being created and the printed money is also going in pocket of consumer and they are availing the hotel,tourism,thereby enhancing the gross domestic product and justifying the expansion etc.
in the earlier times the countries used to invade other countries to loot the wealth and collect taxes and to get free labor,thereby enhancing their prosperity and the goodwill,now a days this may not be feasible,but state sponsored measures are taken to sell the goods cheap and amass the wealth,create goodwill and then print currency as much liked and invest in all sort of infrastructure and capitaize the banks as much they need,this is the modern way of snatching/creating prosperity,it depends upon the will of ruling elite of the country and their capability of economic adviser to generate wealth as much they wish.
the norms of game has changed as if,no one is loser,as a primary equity issue is floated at par and it keeps on rising,benefiting all ,and losing no one.
so what so ever method one find at a moment relevant could be applied and used for the benefit of globe,the books of account and the balance sheet could be restructured by various means of accounting,the accounting need to be understood perfectly ,the bad assets need write off and simultaneously creating newer viable assets in books.

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