The reason was not the reason.

The fingers are burnt,
the stove ignited,
the water poured in cauldron,
and the temperature rises,
the reasons were reasonable,
beyond ones control,
the reason was not the reason,
for the fate,
that ensued,
it was attributed,
to the wide range of,
one bets ,
its the casino,
owned by nature,
the result unpredictable,
the things unfolds,
at its own whim,
the moment in between,
raises the temper/anxiety,
its the critical gap,
which needs engulfing,
in the calm of calmness,
the creating of illusory cell,
takes away the steam,
of the result to come,
the adding and subtracting,
and multiplying/dividing,
traps the self,
to the extent,
that the results ,
becomes insignificant,
the gaps are widened,
the hurdle permeates,
from the holy self,
which devoid of purpose,
tenant of short duration,
just scuffle for some imprints,
which increases visualization,
let the silt be settled,
paving way for moving,
the cleaner water/self.

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