Stationary Heavens.

the heavens are believed to be stationary/eternal,in there no other aspect can enter to change its lasting peace,tranquility ,joy of its resident,the resident has no worry and the joy ever lasting,with no change in backward direction.
the life on the earth is quite the opposite,here one has to continue to perform to get the fruits,and as the enthusiasm of performance/excellence/innovation declines,the things can star to deteriorate  from all angles.
the impact is not visible instantly,but its impact visible in due course,and therefore some part of the globe need to inventing something better always,there is no stationary heaven on the earth ,
the returns to individuals are not always in equal and just manner,but the happiness is available to all ,who strives for it.
some are satisfied in pursuing the prevalent old golden path of enlightenment ,satisfaction and scoring high for getting the entry in heavens.
but on the other hand there are individuals who want to experience the truth,experience something real to believe in,and for which number of experiments are made.
the belief in self,and belief in all the events,something more is required to quench the thrust for getting booking for heaven in favour of booking to live on planet Mars.
the human is susceptible to many thing,as one progress much,the maintaining it is not easy and the complacency and pride  sets in,which leads to blunders and gradually allow things to turn for worse,
the majority of people thinks in the right direction,but all are not leaders,and the one who has the reins of parts of humanity can impact much due to his own inherent fear and weakness.
whatsoever is the moment,its great,the individual has to strike his inner stability to built heaven around his existence,first the will and culture to face all adversities in a way that does not allow shattering of ones peace,once this threshold need to be achieved to get into the better and lasting experiences,
the state around appears by combination of factors and its not just reflection of single aspect and if despite all odds ,one need to live in his own heaven.
what is store at the moments/part of life not stationary,always fluctuating ,but one can sleep without any fluctuations,the colors are all there ,nothing has faded and as vivid as they ever were.
one need not to travel between the extreme of hell and heaven,while having consciousness.

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