the passions are essential to lead a fulfilling life,its give the energy and keeps one busy enough to not dwell around nasty thoughts.

but the human in its life not able to always pursue the healthy passions,the human carries a lot of weight of childhood,the traditions,the customs,the parents,the society etc.
the root cause of all suffering is self caused by pursuing the harmful passions,the human has been given the senses,which no other living being can have,and apparently their appear no harm in pursuing the things which gives pleasure to ones senses.
the wrong thing has been that the senses has the limitation to consume,and the sensory pleasure sometimes/many times differs from the actual pleasure.
the senses plays in the momentary satisfaction,but the heart and mind has to find pleasure in the company of self to remain really happy in isolation of all .
one can pursue only limited passions at a time ,to be called really pursuing the passion,but the human in general shift passions so occasionally as one changes clothes,one need to stick to his passion of worth and not leave it in between,the life has many aspect,and all the aspect/facets has their individual passions,in simple words as if all human senses have their different passions.
pursuing so huge/varied passion makes human a bundle of futile passion, 
further the passion needs moderation at times,one may have passions for various beliefs,but one cant be blindfolded,as some time earlier scientific theory proved wrong,therefore the passion need addition /deletion according to time/age/circumstances/changing of facts etc
one ponder sometimes and wonder that despite enjoying so many beautiful holidays in life,seeing so much nature,yet the moment of despair has engulfed and one may start doubting about the efficacy of holidaying alone,its the pursuing of wild passion emerging on the hurting of ego,that one starts pursuing blindly,and getting into deeper drain.
there appears to be inborn intentionality   of conscience,which does not allow the human the peace ,which the human deserve .
the waywardness,the contrast,the middle path all confusion adds to human pursuing faulty passion.
the stress ,which is haunting the human today,the most,is because of pursuing /developing faulty passion on ordinary events,reacting to strongly to ordinary thing making the chink more durable and pursuance more permanent.
the human is prone to faulty passions,and this fact is encashed by leaders/marketers/rulers,by taking away attention of human being from the real thing and diverting to faulty passion,so that their value be maximized, 

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