Memory is simply not event plus time.

Time doesn’t act as a fixative but rather as a solvent,where much is dissolved in the stream of thought ,life events after effects etc.

some of the beliefs, things are so deeply rooted in one that the events contrary to it fails to evoke the change and always find the excuse of some reason.
some human from very start are too concerned for survival and are closed door ,fearing the vast trenches outside,but in this course they lose the shinning things also available in tandem .so when they are old,these sort of person would hardly remember about their child childish activities and the funny activities of youthfulness,as they were centered always about preserving themselves only.
as one grow up,one tend to generalize past,put it into permanent pegion-holes with the perceived amount of attachment,affection,admiration,regret and guilt ,but some event shatter this comfort zone ,and one realist that time can confuse and confound,it inject doubts ,one begin to  recall forgotten detailsand replay images,twisting and turning them to see if they actually meant something different,slowly the past may become to transform and relationship are re-evaluated and formed and he realize-when we are young ,we invent different futures for ourselves,and when we are old we invent different past for others 
its not that time is passing,its the human’s who are passing 
press the monsoon button ,many memories may creep-up,but it will not evoke the same sentiment in fellow classmate,brothers and sisters etc-the same applies  to memories of person of relationship ,of regrets,emotional debts,guilt and anger etc.
aging sometime brings loneliness divorce,loss of desire and desirability ,but the youth back from a vantage point in future,with the further advantage of new emotions that only time bring .
the youth are in the active game and they cant imagine how their view of the past will evolve and how a remembered scene will be dissolved and reform
the entire process become even more reliable as more and more witness to ones past fall to wayside and can suitably alter the image. 
the interpretation of memories change with time as the ones perception changes and the horizon of thinking increases,plus the newer factors come to light and the practical aspect sets in.

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