The dreams are to be invented and nourished

The life itself is to be lived like a pleasant dream,when one is in the state of dream,the action,reaction, and events happens in consecutive sequences and its over so soon ,leaving to ponder after effects -after shocks and wondering on the chain of events with the feeling , how soon it has passed and lasted for such short duration.
the life of human in the same manner be in the pursuit and direction -where it naturally flows naturally. a action packed thriller , where the time, opportunity for remorse is hardly there and no such chances to look back still and ponder to become puzzled and confused , the sole aim should not go toward only time passing maneuver
, it is not what is desired out of life.
the mind suo motto takes cognizance of all happening and as the event unfolds , the agile mind acts accordingly, yet the result /outcome is a result of so many internal and external factors , which are hardly controllable/predictable.
the life need to have a mission , to excell in some/all activities , be it at home,, office  or self actualization / hobbies.
the man need to make a mark , it does not mean that the mark should be over whole globe , country etc.
the mark the /the impression of individual should be stark, but width and bredth of it not that important , but it need to satisfy one , allow one to feel enough motivated and the satisfaction of pursuing ones dream.
the mere survival and fulfilling of need could not be the dream of life,
the dreams which gives one enough energy and keeps him enough motivated to sail through all circumstances and the joy of living is always there and to pursue something innovative needs to be the aim and mainstay of life.
the dream sometimes needs invention , when one in his routine life get struck to all meaning less activities and it appears that nothing charms him and it has become all routine and at this stage one need to reinvent ones dream and then to pursue it.
the modern time , the technologies has provided ample interesting, innovative activities in which one can with proper mix /balancing can built a reasonable innovative dream and pursue the same with dedication.
the circumstances, the environment, the mood may not be allowed to become deter ant in pursuing ones cherished dream, the every time is a opportune time and the most innovative idea can float even when one is in dire straits,
the state is always/mostly constant , its we who as ones own enemy turns the direction of things by self false /unnecessary imagination to the worse ,
the state is state , it was there when we were not there , and it will remain when we will not be there, and when we are there , the vibrant color of dream should keep us really alive.
all human have some peculiarities and some specific traits , but usually they remain buried under the debris of world , one   need to remove it and look afresh at ones natural traits to invent a dream.
the dream of individual shines when the dream of his society/nation is full of colorful and vivid and to excel , to innovate is the key values of the society/nation , but that is not in the hand of individual alone, even if surrounding not encouraging, one can invent a dream for self based on ones liking, vision, ability and to pursue it relentlessly.
the dream of humanity since inception has the dimension of better living and to lead fulfilled life, but the tendency and natural instinct of dependency has taken its toll , as during childhood one is dependent on parent , on growing adult various customs and the leaders of the society takes the charge as if there governance on humanity is dependent on making them ever lasting dependent on them .
in such a situation the average human becomes just a follower and treat so called masters sacred beyond question , such traps has hampered the humanity natural instinct to invent dream and pursue it relentlessly.

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