Communication According To The Theme Or Situation

The long term deliberate or strategic communication which is done after lengthy thoughts and discussions is planned, therefore has lesser hazards,but the real challenges to he individual lies in the instant communication that one has to undertake in day to day activity.

What a man is, is depicted by day to day activities, his communications, his capability to understand the saying of others, the uttered words,the unuttered words ,the confusion, the hidden desires, the dark aspect,the mysterious elements. It all has to be grasped and that too with deep patience.

Further to rightly understand and communicate, it’s necessary that the mental blocks should be removed.The prejudices, the thinking or the feeling that one knows everything in advance is not a healthy approach for the effective communication.

For a communication to be complete, it needs the participation of both the sides. Therefore the counter reaction depends on many aspects. First of all, the one who is dominating the communication has more chance to express himself freely and the other person has to be more cautious in counter communication, as first one need to get the grasp of the exact theme and the underlying situation -whether something is serious or merely the communication is exploratory or causal-because the undue haste and babble in communication can spoil the undercurrent which may lead to most significant thing not heard by others.

Sometime before starting the actual communication, the base of the communication is set by the body language, a good beginning is the precursor of good communication. Further sometimes it is important to note that only understanding the theme and situation may alone not make much real sense and the communication may be turning into most unsuccessful.So ONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THE THEME OR SITUATION FIRST FROM OTHER POINT OF VIEW because it is the very basic fact that the understanding of same theme or situation varies too widely and its the wisdom of leaders of that time or their decisiveness, their command over authority which shapes the destiny.

First the theme or the situation needs to be understood from the superior’s point of view. It may make others understand the logic behind superiors uttering and AFTER understanding the gap or the DEPTH OF GAP the communication may gradually be turned to the other view/point /aspect gradually without hurting others.

The haste in reaching to the conclusion during communication causes troubles. The communication are often elusive and turns wrong usually, therefore one need to be guarded while drawing conclusion. The matters are to be decided and the decisions are to be taken, the decisions are a calculation, a calculated risk to gain or to tide over a situation or to avoid the inertia but the conclusion are the final words beyond which nothing need to be explored.

The understanding of silent language needs lot of patience,which now a days is not easily available, the capacity to observe long, to sit long, to work long, to not react for long, to observe others for long needs some basic guts and tolerances.
The claiming of understanding is often turn into another direction and sometime despite best of efforts one may not succeed, therefore a cautious and steady approach is required. The small nuances are to be observed and caught, but giving the feeling initially at least to others, that one has not grasped anything. Then a platform of trust is to be created. Only then a two way positive communication may become feasible. Lastly, the trust need to be strengthened and maintained.

What to say depends upon the situation. It’s not prudent to start exhibiting ones wisdom in all situation to gain upper hand without understanding the undercurrent, which may spoil the chances rather than scoring the point.

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