So many lords and few humans

There is a basic tendency in the humans to consider themselves as complete,and always/usually find fault with the others,and this tendency of  humans  is just not limited to the higher segment of society,its appear to be pervasive among all kind/level of people,regardless of their status,power.,wealth  etc.
The human is /the real human is left in the forest of lords,where one cant find single companion/but finds every where the lords moving here and there,with the feeling that rest are living in falsehood,the abidance to some sort modern law is greater in some places,there the humans may be in more quantity .
the tendency is not totally devoid of the meaning,the understanding,the chance to repent,to make or pursue better opportunities are too restricted in most part of world with the high density ratio,there the chances appearing are life time opportunities ,that has to be grabbed and the entry is to be ensured to remain for long without bothering for the suffering,else the opportunities are to be created/grabbed with skills that are required to survive in the darvin law.
the genuinity    has  no definition and meaning for the lords,its their passion and  the life which gives them the satisfaction and the power.
all understand but few human realise that the life is a journey of not too long destination ,the perpetuity ,the feeling of same makes the life more robust and fulfilling,one is here to feel complete and feel the same where ever one is lying,the residency of universe is permanent and the lords need no worry for anything and the spirituality devised for the humans,who are the subjects,and not the permanent residence with citizenship of universe and they seek a permanent residency ,which is no where there in the universe ,as the universe is wobbling and expanding /contracting each and every,as if the squint is its permanent nature with weak retina and engulfed with fear,so that the two ends never meets and the run continue to find a perfect place,which is elusive in its basic nature. 
the interesting points come ,when some lords tend to find/search to find human sometimes,but then they may realise something or not who knows and what implication it has now,
the greatness of one is defined in the present set up as the ability to yield the power,and the arrogance,the cringing group,and all amenities that makes a person great.

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