Sensitivity versus insensitivity

There is a range so wide of humans that the two humans are at the opposite end of each other,one is so sensitive to all happening and is watchful always that ones action does not conveys the meaning which is not intended,and makes effort that others are not hurt and on the other hand their are people ,who consider themselves above all,and has feeling of the sort that they are supreme and great and the world is born for taking care of them and they had got all authority to do whatsoever they choose to do,the consequences are not that what matters.
its the chance that one get in his life by way of getting association,it may be sometime by choice,by default,by chance,by destiny gets their proximity ,and it is this that plays a major role in shaping ones view about the world.
for a ordinary human need the skill to identify the category of the person ,one is dealing with,because expecting the worst from other,one need to be adequately prepared to avoid the jolt.
to be more sensitive is cause to worry ,as one may find difficulty in large circumstances,and being toally insensitive is not in the hand of one,its the shaping of thoughts,the circumstances,the grooming,the environment,the circumstances and above all level of resistance offered to one on ones deed ,that multiple combination shapes the things, 
the very basic nature as if differs in different civilization,and evolution of humanity,in the electronic era one can get the rid of other by just clicking and be friend to other by just clicking.
the personnel touch is getting skewed,the man is becoming more concerned to get boost time and again to survive,to create the world of ones dream,the gadgets are as if becoming more sensitive,yet the connectivity is complete ,which may require the sensitivity to be explained in newer terms in this phase. 
the wonderland of individual,society,nations etc are being given jolt by the other disgruntled elements found in may claim to be the most sensitive in his own opinion,as ones sense is limited to there,
it is also different to have the different aspect of sensitivity often it is arose in the name of nation,society etc one may be too sensitive ti the age old ideals,whether following it or not,but the real sensitivity requires to analyse the sense in  it,one need to have sensitivity toward the cause as the combined deliberate effort with sincerity yield the results.

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