one presenting time or the time presenting one

the events are unfolding as per their serial numbers/ nature or the self has the say in producing it and presenting self without the constraints,
the majority comes and go deep in oblivion,but some cast their marks to remain apparent for the future to come,they had the vision to look beyond the time in which they existed.
the collective suffering of humans ,the grief,rises to the height with the temperature going too high and melting in rains and freezing in the winter.
the humans wonders over the mystery of life,some believe in readymade answers available and some ,the lucky one are not concerned with the thing which are too distant and take the things as they come up ,but the human has been provided with the brain/mind which generally/usually become confused and on not getting the satisfying answers dwells for the many path to get it .
the question are wide open,the answers has also gone modified according to times and newer discoveries,one has to represent the time in which one is present ,at the same time one has to represent the time which was there and which will be there.
the time should not e allowed to fully cast its shadow over ones life and that tendency given to human has been the cause of the growth of its race, the humans in all part of world  have conceived the theory of heaven and to bring the same on the earth,the efforts have always been made,after all most material/things/thoughts can be merged on the earth,so it may also be the 
vision/discovery and may be the selected realization to some.
the clear watch/vision may be rare to explain,further the accidents in human life confuse everything gained,the one who could stand the stress of time calmly can make self representing the eternal time.
the days are gone,yet the spirit is there and learning and analysing the finer points should be there,one may need to live in the particular time,that could be termed as growing maturity levels,but some prefers voluntary or involuntary live in particular phase and again and again bears the misery,yet the basic tendency not gone ,as the young age in present era has as if risen to the newer heights,the age old time living combined with most recently innovated machines makes a mismatch and one may be tempted to something but the larger push to the masses toward newer ethics is not there leading to dilemma.

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