intention pure yet the result impure

the intentions were pure,
yet the result impure,
the lessons were to be learnt,
but nothing stored for long,
it’s just for some time,
that some impact was there,
again the cycle of viciousness,
starts again and again,
the intention has no meaning,
the lessons has no meaning,
until the ebb and flow,
gets their natural course,
the purity may be bane,
which only has cost’s associated,
directly or indirectly,
visibly or invisible,
the standards are high,
the quality superlative,
the expectations heavenly,
the addiction turns sour,
how long to worship a idol,
which nudges differently,
at times,again and again,
no conclusion emerges,
no directions sets,
no movement in destiny,
the whole universe of calm,
the whole pleasant moonlight,
starts turning into,
scorching heat,
which starts engulfing,
the self and its physical entity,

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