Everything in the world of activation requires trigger. It may be that some has inbuilt trigger system and others require the external stimulus. It may be the inanimate things or physical things and the things which are created or perceived  by the biological elements. The trigger includes both elements, either of imagination or capturing the impulses present and providing the required energy for its occurrence on the basis of desire.

The activation of everything is based upon the energy, which is either inherently present or introduced by natural process or is provided by biological species by their creation or wisdom.

Everything has been available since the start of the life on the earth. Upon the arrival of humans on the earth,the trigger was activated. It explains that apart from the energy, the elements of something mysterious which causes its manifestation.

The humans have been on the earth for so long, yet the trigger strikes to someone only at particular time and with the better understanding and gaining the knowledge of the design, the humans have started to make the organised steps , terming it as the search by pooling the best brain and immense capital and resources. 

The energy is inherent in many things . At the same time it is available in abundance and it is only the right research that is required to store it.

The events may have some inherent trigger ,yet the external environment also helps/add in its manifestation in desired manner to the humans.

In the small electronic devices, the immense knowledge is stored and it requires activation and the controlled flow of energy in the right direction to explore it.

Some of the triggers are extremely complicated . The human mind or sub-conscious is one such thing .Although it appears that one has been able to explore the minuscule amount of things yet the available opportunities are hardly exercised . It requires deep amount of research to explain the lack of understanding of the triggers due to the  emotional make up, the logistics stored , the accepted norms, the limitation of the vision sometimes, what triggers the self into self destructive act need to be explored to minimize the misery in the life of humans.

The interrupted flow of energy in a direction as per its tolerance level could be the basic trigger to understand the happening of many events in physical world.

Further the trigger apart from its activation needs constant monitoring and modification to achieve the desired result.
The hurdles in the path of identifying the right trigger are numerous, the biggest one could be the maze surrounding everything. The labyrinth or the illusions are so deeply rooted in all events of the earth/nature,yet the most complex answer is the simple logic,which is not so simple anyway.

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