Authority exercised, Authority gained.

All the human’s have some sort of authority to be exercised regardless of the status,power,position of a person.

The path of life of all the human’s have their labyrinth and potholes deceptively present and it is the choice/circumstances of the individual to get into it. It largely depends upon the ability of one to use one’s authority.

First of all, one need to exercise the authority over self,in the sense of perfect control over self,making decision and pursuing them later on.

The obstacle real or imagery may usually be there,but the authority of one to not allow the impact/repercussions to occupy space in the sacred space of the inner self,at the heart ,the courage,wisdom and ones authority to be there regardless of any factors.

The human develops various anxieties/tension/ailment which may be the result of lack of exercising the will of one’s authority over self.

One need not to feel helpless,guilty lost etc. as everything around human is transitory ,one to tread the path with full confidence and authority as the success and failure are relative terms and someone may lose battle so that other one may be declared victorious.

The one with all the possessions may feel to be sitting on inferno ,where a single moment might be appearing to have the length of decades and become so much focused on matters that the anxieties ,tension mingles with one’s self and makes each passing moment a journey to hell.

The one lacking in possession compared to the first one , yet full of authority over one’s self and the capability to make the each moment of life pleasurable and memorable with the feeling of satisfaction is the one with independent authority of self and is exercising the full authority granted by universe.

One has the authority to feel elevated in all circumstances ,to enjoy in all circumstances and to even enjoy other vitiated action directed toward him.

The authority to feel taste in all eatables and comfort in any bed and pleasure in any seat or company is to be there.

Further, the human has its social roots or network where also the need arise to exercise the authority and further in the job and while making other decision that may have lasting impact ,one need to exercise the authority over options as the consequences are immaterial.

Also while taking the authoritative action  
one need to get wholly involved and not in the parts ,where one part is wanting something elseand the other something else ,thereby pushing the self into visualizing the derisive pleasures being obtained by the spooks hidden and cultivated in the self mind and thus losing the control or authority of self to live the life as the feeling of incarnation and part of universal power.

One need to authoritatively maintain one’s composure ,the will rising above the petty obstacles that are hidden in the culture /family . Such incidents should be over ruled and one has to exercise authority over self and in other available space to make one’s mark in the books of record keeper of the life.

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