Let The Nature Take Its Course

The natural things,
must live in its naturality ,
the words are words,
the meanings are meanings.

Why to dig in the meaning,
where lies only lava,
when the value of face,
the face value is all,
that has to be taken.

As the value to be vaporized ,
the remnants are,
not desired to remain,
let the vaporized values,
be immersed into oblivion.

Let’s get the pleasure,
of dew of the dawn,
on the awakening flowers,
to live all the moments,
with the freshness ,the fragrance,
that remains at the end,
and was at the beginning.

The nature off-shoot its product,
the nature takes back its product,
why self imposed dilemma,
why self imposed meaning,
real or imaginary,
have so much significance.

Let the river flow its course,
it may flow ,full or lean,
sometime breaches the embankment ,
and to check it ,to balance it,
the dam/check dams are built.

The destiny is somewhat,
to be merged in the other river,
and to get the
ultimate rest in the arms of sea.

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