The boundaries of sanity.

When the mind swirls,
it treads towards,
the boundary of sanity,
nothing is the cause,
the reason innumerable,
shrouded in mystery.

The mind swirls,
without any axis,
it wobbles,
making the whole body unstable,
why at the one end,
it wants to take the credit,
and at the other end,
it raises all the concerns,
and at another extreme,
it creates all,
illusion and delusions.

Why my calm,
my peace,
my tranquility,
my stillness,
disturbed by the elements,
inside and outside,
the signs which my
mind read,
on the faces of others,
encouraging and praising,
and an air of pride.

It might be reality,
or might be illusion,
that it is not due to this,
or it is due to that,
it infers this,
it infers that,
and the self falls into a puddle,
full of doubt.

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