the development of vision

the parameter to measure the development  of ones vision could be that one remain in elated mood without much prefix and suffix ,or at least the dependence on them is minimized.

the sedated are immersed in self and additives are added in sound sleep of fulfillment,the vision of individual/society varies to a large extent,at one place it is taboo and at other place it is treated as usual .
despite many pocket of darkness ,the humanity is growing ,its vision is expanding,and more so the search of real perfection has as if begin now.
the man now has all means to explore the world and much beyond the earth,whereas in earlier times it may be sole dependence of sitting under the tree for the divine guidance.
the man now better understand that no one can harm him apart from self hallucinations, 
the tourist wander to the deeper pocket of civilization ,where still one is living in primitive style,and founds that its only upto the meeting of basic needs ,the wealth counts and the happiness lies else.
it may be half accurate conclusion by seeing the one angle and praising their art and craft,limited needs, stillness,nothing much to worry and dwell,yet the miseries there need to also be studied to draw the better conclusion.
its the evolution story of humans,and the peak is yet too far as it appear,much is required to be explored and experimented not beyond the tree,but in the self controlled sense lying in universal beauty.
the freedom is absolute so too the responsibilities,which one need to balance,the time may have come when the individual need not sit under tree and caves but the collective search and development of vision has become the reality

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