all individual gods,
i pray to you all ,
you know the way,
you know the truth,
which i am no near to it,
you give solution,
with guaranteed  return,
i have to offer nothing,
my self lies in shambles,
need of your divine intervention,
you know no cost,
to you its holy sacrifice,
i have many evils,
i have many concerns,
i wonder transient  nature,
of all natural things ,
and wonder,
remain perplexed,
want to sacrifice,these intangible things,
which why not appeal to,
the lords distributing,all prescriptions,
oh lords,
the followers are no commodity,
and no market,
to advertise,
to gain the market share,
to optimize your individual goal,
of distributing the divine outpouring,
wishing to come out of you,
to salvage the humanity.

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