The different leadership role

Leadership may consist of some natural/inborn traits but it appears it has more to do with the will power/vision of a person and the initiative in one to rise on the occasion to take the leadership role.

Leaders are supposed to be architect of change and roles of leaders differ in organization ,family,nation etc.
in organization the managers are usually playing the role of leader,but here the managers/leaders sometime may need to have certain technical and other skills to perform the job and guide to the sub-ordinate ,but in the organization also the managers/leaders need to have some pure leadership quality to motivate sub-ordinate and have the vision and courage to take the decision and implement the same.
in the political/national level leaders should ideally rise from the grass root and have the feeling of the problem at ground level,but now a days a person belonging to a political clan are launched directly in politics as their political heir ,further the influential class which may include powerful business/spiritual lobbies etc launch and promote some person to take the mantle of leadership and serve their interest .
now a day in the political field more so in developing world the goons and the unemployed  and the person with spurious interest enters into the politics to make fast buck and the short cut to rise in politics to have a mentor.
the leadership in the political span more so in developing world needs the skill of manipulation ,they shuold as if be the masters in the art of creating the divide,or to promote the existing divide of caste,language,region, ethnicity and masters in the art of speaking lies and making false promises.
leaders are few ,but the role of leadership is played by all in some way ,a parent has to guide his/her son /daughter and instill a environment of confidence in family despite looming gloom distantly ,a man has to be leader/commander of self and not allow /guide self to not fall in the trench of self pity.
a man rises in the morning and walks on the roads ,or sit on the driving seat of vehicle ,he must be sure and comfortable and determined where he is leading. 
the vision that is a basic ingredient of leadership,what the rest of others are not able to perceive ,the understanding of the implication,and how to get the masses follow one ,the opposition from many quarter has to be tackled.
the grouses and their rationale may be so real that structure cant be constructed,yet the leaders make persons to rise above the inertia fear and to leave and let go many things buried and a hope is instilled in masses,a new dawn,a new beginning a better future and the better analysis of future.
individuals leave much of their personal work for outsider lacking the courage and not wanting to sail into untested waters ,individual also sometimes wants many of their own work being outsourced,the leaders are here who fill the void and let feel other safe in the expertise ,direction and executive skills of their leaders. 
the waste has to be disposed off,but the mechanism for safe disposal of it not known to many,in some sense each individual plays many roles in his life,he also need to have the skills of leadership and to understand that what is expected of him,and that he is able to deliever   so that that the failure and blames are avoided.  
the leader has the task to get indulge the matters in healthy competition ,whereas the individuals tend to have the tendency to become envious and indulge in leg pulling roles,which further harm the existing ground even,the leaders sets the tone of healthy competition which gives the individual chance to express their grouses in positive way and lead to overall development of the society. 

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