How far the conflation feasible

Everything is there ,in one form or other ,for time immemorable  ,yet new is invented either by conflation or by discovering something which was there but was not discovered so far or not thought and written so far in literary world ,or earlier such text become extinct.

the alchemist for centuries has tried hard ,dreamed hard to produce a miracle substance by conflating the metals/chemicals i.e to produce the gold ,to produce a substance which can protect one from all ailment or to produce a elixir which will make one immortal and take one beyond the confines of human body while remaining in human body.
the scientists has succeeded much in inventing newer applications/benefits of metal /chemicals available fusing to invent newer medicines ,products for consumption of humans or for the production of various newer products which directly or indirectly helps them.
the industrial revolution has altered the face of comfort and activities ,reach,communication of humans,which has made feasible much by invent of technology ,which made conflating/fusing of metal/chemicals feasible and assessment of their impact.
the fusion of metal/chemicals and ideas of human with the help of machines.
it is said and realised by one that flow of thoughts in human mind is so huge that if all one day thoughts could be compiled ,than each day,each human can produce a voluminous epic/material ,relevant or irrelevant ,si in literature there could be fewer totally newer said /perceived thoughts or invented such readings ,it is conflation of different reading and presentation in unique way,which make it relevant. 
the presentation has also the infinite possibilities ,there are so many words to describe the same thing in so many ways ,which also fuse slight different meaning and open to different interpretation.
further there are so many thoughts/reading available that the conflation is unlimited and infinite and could be explore innumerable times,but the important point of view is the innovativeeness and its uniqueness of its conflation. 
by using the one owns languages on the thoughts captured which are floating in the universe and presenting it in own way is a sort of newer creation,the repetition in different forms becomes necessary so that its relevance is again and again reinforced in the mind /surrounding of humans and the creative creation never ends.
the limits are said to be limitless ,the boundaries ever expanding and ever expanding and horizons ever expanding so that scope is hardly ever over.

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