Entire human culture has its root in loneliness.

As the human incarnated on the earth ,they found themselves lonely with various hidden and explicit instinct.,and with the in built process of wayward thoughts moving/rotating adding/fueling to the feeling of loneliness leading to fear that one even does not belong to oneself.

each individual life is a journey,a unique story of struggle against loneliness and his achievement in getting belonging ,recognition ,success,admiration against the internal and external pressures which again and again may lead to sporadically bout of loneliness ,dejection and sometimes despair,the autobiographies available tell us these facts.
human formed groups to avoid the loneliness ,to bind the group and to indulge/participate ,a need was felt for certain rules .the thread/rope of ideology was formed and some took voluntary/by force/by trick the mantle of leadership of that group and later on societies,boundaries of nation was formed to make one feel part of a smaller /larger entities ranging from family,group,society and nation etc.
some people felt more loneliness than other ,therefore they took control of the power detriment to the other people and society abd built up/invaded larger territories  to make them accept their vision and derive pleasure at the misery/loneliness of other effected persons.
the development of art can be attributed to the growth of human civilisation ,but the same had its root in loneliness/individuality/creativity of human.,as human wishes to express oneself through some means ,express its liking and disliking that led to development of expression through art like painting, architect ,toys and liks to such art collection in own residence,where more lonely moment are in store for one .
as the technology expanded ,the taller buildings ,malls,amusement park and faster and effective means of travel and communication were conceived to improve the quality of life of the people and help avoiding it from its primitive enemy loneliness.
the human since the birth starts the process of alleviating loneliness,as the baby gets/gain consciousness ,it tend to identify with parents ,the surrounding and the toys later on to groups/school/colleges and finding partners/love/siblings /organisation/job to alleviate the fear of loneliness coming near. 

yet man at heart again and again faces sometime mild/sometime severe jolt of lonliness ,there are phases in life ,at some phases may find oneself totally submerged in worldy and other affairs ,but with the advent of grey it is felt that the generation is changing and we feel that our roles are changing and ,we need to change our earlier styles,which now not appear to be consistent with body shapes and its strength ,and again the spectra of loneliness raises its head ,which again has to be tackled by seeking the shelter of self awareness or to the cultural roots that provides various solutions to root out loneliness and return to the internal phases of comfort and tranquility.   


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