Bout of guilt/limping back to normalcy.

One need to take lessons from hard core ones,who despite of any insult ,wrong deeds,rejections,failure,being humiliated ,scolded and despite feeling of apathy toward him by large people is not perturbed altogether and remain firmly saddled in the normalacy,tranquility and peace of mind making others sorry about there so called real or imaginary opinions/views.

The one who is sincere saddled with much concern about insecurity of self ,nation,world,town and family etc and unable to cope with the persons who had achieved a mischievous hard core element in their character devoid of any softness and guilt .
usually the one is pushed into the bout of guilt by the ones who are doing all sort of wrong actions/deed and are devoid of any sympathy toward fellow humans and having power in their hands ,further the human sensitive nature is much to if to be sensitive in the world is not good and the fact of ones such personality are sometime exploited by others ,why one blame oneself when the majority are indulge in playing the game of passing the blame to others.
further nothing ,no behaviour besides crime is nothing much wrong but a aberration ,a feeling,a reaction at the particular time.
the capabilities of human differs and why one should indulge in comparing ones action/deeds to other and to the norms devised by some manipulative persons,whose norms/the interpretation of norms differs from man to man.
the one once submerged into guilt has to traverse a patchy path of limping back to normalacy ,as any event in between,and lack of courage,and due to no improvement in situations hampers ones recovery from the bout of guilt and may result in making one a permanent habitat of such feeling/guilt.
the bout of guilt impacts ones confidence and performance and makes ones life a hell ,and recovery becomes difficult and make a permanent mark/dent on ones personality.
the one who has committed crime generally hardly feel guilt and the one who feel that why cant he satisfy others or he has not come true to other people expectations and develops feeling of self pity is a miserable situation/position for one.
one should place faith on ones action and destiny and the willingness/understanding to stop ones predicament ,its a sort of self destruction and inflicting self damage without any cause.
ones loyality sympathy should be toward self and one should never view oneself with the eyes of others .
the impact of any setback or perceived setback need not be allowed at all and the mentality be so prepared that rejection is viewed normal by one.
the rejection by someone need not leave one demoralised,angry ,hurt,dejected.

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